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Fukuoka City Subway
Fukuoka City Subway Nanakuma Line Total Design
Involved term: 1996-2005
Client: Japan Sign Design Association
39th SDA award, grand-prix; Civil engineering design prize 2010, JSCE

We joined the architectural design working group for the total design of the Nanakuma Line (City Subway No. 3), and presented an organic spatial design concept. We proposed ideas that we felt would ensure smooth passenger movements by taking advantage of the curved wall surface, to ensure a wide field of vision by creating open spaces, and to bring natural light into underground floors to express the relation with aboveground. As a result, we succeeded in creating 16 comfortable station spaces.

CEO Akase has served for ten years as a member and technical editor of the Design working group of the Japan Sign Design Association which was commissioned by the Fukuoka City Office, and supervised architectural designs and sign designs for the city.


Fukuoka City Subway
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