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Sogo Department Store
Sogo Department Store Sign System
Involved term: 2001-2004
Client: Sogo Co., Ltd.

Following Seibu Shibuya in 1995, we have been assigned to design sign systems for Seibu Department Stores in Otsu, Ikebukuro, Funabashi and Shizuoka. After the merger of Seibu Department Stores and Sogo Department Stores, we have also been commissioned to develop sign systems for Sogo Department Stores in Yokohama, Kobe, Kashiwa, Omiya, and Hiroshima. For Sogo Yokohama Store presented here, guides showing different selling zones were improved. At the same time, the locations of elevators and escalators and rest rooms were shown only with symbols on a transparent material so as not to interfere with the view of merchandise. The signage for these facilities was first introduced in Seibu Shibuya in 1995.


Sogo Department Store
Sogo Department Store
Photo by TOMITA Shin-ichi
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